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Road To Ninja Naruto The Movie (2012)

It’s been revealed that Kishimoto Masashi’s popular manga, “NARUTO“, will be getting it’s 9th anime film on July 28th.

Titled “ROAD TO NINJA -NARUTO THE MOVIE-“, the film will be Kishimoto’s first original story to celebrate the anime’s 10th anniversary.

“NARUTO” is a ninja action manga that started its serialization in “Weekly Shounen Jump” back in 1999. With 59 volumes, it’s sold a total of over 110 million copies. In 2002, the manga received it’s first TV animation series, and its movie version has been released every year since 2004.

Kishimoto commented, “To celebrate it’s 10th year anniversary, I worked on the story line and design selfishly with all my might. I promise to make it an entertaining movie, so please look forward to it.”
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