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Black Dawn (Gaiji Keisatsu) Japanese Drama

On March 26th, the official site of the upcoming movie “Black Dawn” (“Gaiji Keisatsu“), starring Watabe Atsuro, was updated with a full-length trailer and the movie’s poster.

“Black Dawn” follows up on the NHK drama which aired in 2009 and was the first drama to focus on the Japanese special anti-terrorism division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. The story is about Sumimoto (Watabe) and his team, who have to track down the terrorists who stole enriched uranium from the Korean peninsula in order to prevent a possible nuclear attack against Japan. Their best lead is a company president (Kim Kang-woo) who is suspected of being involved with terrorists. They are having his wife (Maki Yoko) to collaborate with the investigation, which puts herself and her daughter (Toyoshima Hana) in great danger. Unfortunately, that’s the only way for them to prevent the attack.

It’s said the team and the writers behind the movie approached various people working in the respective fields of police, politics, finance, defense, trade, and atomic energy in order to make it as realistic as possible.

The trailer already does a good job in conveying the tension that comes with such an imminent and large-scale attack and the despair of the family that somehow ends up between the lines. Moreover Watabe showcases his Korean when talking to the terrorists.

Additionally to the already mentioned actors, the cast also includes Ono Machiko, Tanaka Min, Im Hyeon-Jun, Endo Kenichi, Yo Kimiko, Ishibashi Ryo, and others.

Bruno Mars provides the theme song with his hit single “Grenade“.

“Black Dawn” is set for a release on June 2nd.
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